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Welcome to AimHigHR!

You might be saying to yourself, why would someone with all of this experience want to form a consulting company after all of those years in both the Air Force and corporate America. That is a question I was asking myself, but I’ve come to the realization that to many companies need help but don’t know where to turn. Secondly, companies and owners think of HR people as stuffed shirt people that don’t know and don’t want to know their business.

I have been in leadership roles in corporate Human Resources for over 25 years and I’ve found the most important thing for me to do is get to know the business and the business leaders. HR is not a one size fits all solution, each company has their own culture and business needs. HR should always be a part of the business and give advise that works for the business. Yes there are some compliance things that don’t change from business to business, but I’m talking about thinks like employee engagement, recruiting process and interviewing, and working with managers to help them better understand both the company and their employees needs.

I’m happy to have a longer discussion with anyone about these subjects or other issues you’d like to discuss.